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I can't say enough about the quality of these lights! With the Solaris controller you can really dial in the color temp, I haven't been in a situation yet where I wasn't able to walk into a location & match the existing light. 

Jamon Lewis, Cinematographer

Just finished a job using the variable strips in china balls, Brolly Boxes and both gridded and direct octabanks. Wow. Lightest, brightest, simplest, most colour correct source I've ever used. 

Patrick Thompson, Cinematographer

KoraLED strips were THE go-to lights for our third feature film, 'The Tree.' I believe we were the first production company to use a beta version of the Solaris Ctrl+ LED controllers, and we are pleased to report that they performed flawlessly the entire production.  We can't wait to get our hands on more!

Stephen Wallace Pruitt, Filmmaker

I am loving mine. I want more. These puke out huge amounts of light. Color temp is spot on without CC gels. I put mine on coro-plast with velcro on the back. They are less than half an inch thick and mad bright.

Nick Gardner, Cinematographer

Used a strip yesterday for some jewlery/diamonds in glass cases. Basically strung the strip on top of the case and had an assistant put a slight movement into the strip. Sparkle city! These are great.

Kirby Hamilton, Cinematographer

The Solaris controller and LED strip combination are the most flexible system I've ever used.

Note Suwanchote, Filmmaker