About KoraLED

KoraLED began as a Red User Group Buy in late 2014. I wanted to use LED light strips for a film I was making, but at nearly $350 a roll, we could not afford what was on the market. So, I cut out the middlemen and started contacting chip manufacturers directly. After months of extensive research and testing, I approved the first strips and launched the Group Buy, which ended up being a huge success.

We spent the next several years developing our Solaris Ctrl+ LED controller, which is about to start shipping along with our next generation KoraLED strips, mats, and tubes. For this line, we are using a new custom blend of LED phosphors, manufacturing our chips under strict tolerances, and will be providing you a wealth of photometric data.

You will never see us at any trade shows, we don't have a marketing budget, and thus our overhead is next to nothing. We rely solely on social media and word of mouth. These savings allow us to sell lights to you at a price no one can compete with.

We are not just making affordable LED lighting for indie filmmakers. We are making the best in LED lighting affordable for indie filmmakers. That is what KoraLED is about.

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