KoraLED RGBA Pro Strips - Flicker-free, High Output LED light strips

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RGBA is the new RGB. That's Red, Green, Blue, and Amber. Adding an Amber emitter dramatically increases the spectrum of colors you can create. If you want to reproduce the widest range of possible colors, nothing does it as well as our RGBA strips. A billion-color palette for you to create with!

Our Pro Strips line features best-in-class LED emitters optimized for film and video use. We have also doubled up the copper and added 3M VHB adhesive on all our LED light strips.

35% brighter than the competition!

Color: RGBA
Density: 84/m, 420 emitters per roll
Length: 5 meters / 16.4 ft
Width: 12mm
Power: 12V/24V DC, 9A/4.5A